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Their role at IEE

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Catur Utami Dewi, M.A.
Country of Origin: Indonesia

Former MADM Student (2002 - 2004) Bochum

MADM Thesis: The Impact of Strenghtening the Small and Medium Enterprises in the Province of D.I. Yogyakarta. A Case Study on USC-Satunama Project

Melisa Dlamini
Country of Origin: South Africa

Former MADM Student (2018 - 2020) Cape Town

MADM Thesis: Assessing the role of breastfeeding campaigns in addressing the low rates of breastfeeding in marginalized areas of South Africa: A case study of the grow great flourish program in Soweto, Johannesburg

Dayana Dreke, M.A.
Country of Origin: Germany

Former MADM Student (2006 - 2008) Cape Town

MADM Thesis: Social Integration of Youth at Risk Through Empowerment Programs: A Case Study of the Chrysalis Academy in Cape Town, South Africa

Foday Sheku Dumbuya
Country of Origin: Sierra Leone

Former MADM Student (2020 - 2022) Bochum

MADM Thesis: The Impact of Energy Access on Socio-Economic Development in Rural Communities: A Case Study on the Rural Renewable Project in Sierra Leone

Stanley Egenti
Country of Origin: Nigeria

Former MADM Student (2018 - 2020) Cape Town

MADM Thesis: Impact of Agricultural Development Projects on the Livelihood of Smallholder Farmers: A case study from the Fadama III project in Ebonyi state, Nigeria

Joyce Ekuful, M.A.
Country of Origin: Ghana

Former MADM Student (2008 - 2010) Bochum

MADM Thesis: A Quantitative Approach to Predict Behavioural Intentions Towards Ecological Sanitation: The Case of the Cocomposting of Faecal Sludge and Solid Wastes for Urban Agriculture Project in Buobai, Kumasi, Ghana

Baasansuren Enkhtungalag
Country of Origin: Mongolia

Former MADM Student (2016 - 2018) Bochum

MADM Thesis: Assessing the Effect of Financial Incentives on Teacher Recruitment and Retention in Rural Areas of Mongolia: a case study of Selenge Province, Mongolia.

Adrian Ermurache
Country of Origin: Moldova, Republic of

Former MADM Student (2014 - 2016) Bochum

MADM Thesis: Investment Environment and Business Opportunities for Moldovan Migrants – Investment Hindrances and Their Remedies through Implementation of the Program on Attracting Remittances into the Economy (PARE 1+1). Case study: Republic of Moldova

Myriam Mercedes Escallon Santamaria, M.A.
Country of Origin: Colombia

Former MADM Student (2012 - 2014) Bochum

MADM Thesis: Decentralization and Social Services Delivery. A Case Study from "De Cero a Siempre" Strategy in Colombia

Enatnesh Eshetu Abate, M.A.
Country of Origin: Ethiopia

Former MADM Student (2010 - 2012) Bochum

MADM Thesis: An Impact Assessment of Behavioral Training Tool on HIV/AIDS Prevention in Ethiopia: A Case Study of Archdiocese of Addis Ababa Health Choice Project

231 Records - Page 6 of 24