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Their role at IEE

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Dr. Sanjay Prasad Gorkhali
Country of Origin: Nepal

Former MADM Student (2000 - 2002) Bochum

MADM Thesis: Energy and Economic Welfare: A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Micro-Hydro Systems in Nepal

Former PhD Student

PhD Thesis: Economic Impacts of Large Scale Infrastructure: A Case Study from Nepal (2009)

Ma. Cristina Carmina Gregorio, M.A.
Country of Origin: Philippines

Former MADM Student (2012 - 2014) Bochum

MADM Thesis: Urban Infrastructure and Private Sector Financing in the Philippines. The Relationship of National and Local Governments

Mahwish Gul
Country of Origin: Pakistan

Former MADM Student (2018 - 2020) Cape Town

MADM Thesis: Menstrual Experiences of Adolescent Girls in Rural Pakistan

Dr. Hoang Lan Ha
Country of Origin: Viet Nam

Former MADM Student (2000 - 2002) Bochum

MADM Thesis: Creditworthiness Appraisal of Private Enterprises. The Case of Commercial Banks in Vietnam

Former PhD Student

PhD Thesis: Institutions, Financial Development, Economic Growth: Evidence from the Vietnamese Banking Sector (2004)

Kai-Stefanie Heine, M.A.
Country of Origin: Germany

Former MADM Student (2008 - 2010) Cape Town

MADM Thesis: Caste Linked Prejudice and Attitudes towards Tribals as Ethnic Groups. An Empirical Case Study on the Oraons in the Tea Gardens of the Terai and Dooars Area in North Bengal, India

Atta Charles Henderson
Country of Origin: Ghana

Former MADM Student (2018 - 2020) Bochum

MADM Thesis: Major Motivations for Foreign Direct Investment in Ghana – The Role of Investment Policy Framework

Robyn Henderson (née Hamilton), M.A.
Country of Origin: Canada

Former MADM Student (2008 - 2010) Bochum

MADM Thesis: Improving School Climate and Student Performance: An Impact Evaluation. A Case Study of the Extra Mural Education Project in the Western Cape Province, South Africa

Diana Stephanie Herrera Leon, M.A.
Country of Origin: El Salvador

Former MADM Student (2012 - 2014) Bochum

MADM Thesis: Social Capital, Income Inequality and the Level of Income and Their Relationship with Violence in Urban Areas in El Salvador. Case Study: Temporary Income Support Program (PATI)

Thi My Hanh Hoang, M.A.
Country of Origin: Viet Nam

Former MADM Student (2010 - 2012) Bochum

MADM Thesis: Impact of Governance Structures on the Performance of Microfinance Institutions: The Case Study of Cambodia

Mokther Hossain, M.A.
Country of Origin: Bangladesh

Former MADM Student (2006 - 2008) Bochum

MADM Thesis: Governance and Disaster Risk in Bangladesh: Case Studies from Khulna District

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