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MADM: New graduates join the MADM Alumni Family in challenging times

Leonie Grunau congratulates our new MADM alumni on their graduation

Congratulations! After 18 fruitful, exciting, but also challenging months, the IEE welcomes 22 new graduates to the MADM Alumni Family. In February 2022, we celebrated the well-deserved graduation of the MA students of Development Management (MADM) in Bochum. The graduation ceremony was a very cheerful occasion including laughter, a heart-warming speech by two student representatives, motivating words, and inspiring music from Mexico.

MADM Graduates 2022
MADM graduates with IEE staff in Bochum (Photo: Ann-Sophie Rinne)

The 2020-22 MADM cohort was a very special one due to many reasons. They were students from 19 countries and worked on research projects as different as the right to education for pregnant girls and young mothers in Tanzania, to parental perceptions of child health and polio vaccination uptake in Nigeria, to financial inclusion of agro-ecological producers in Southern Brazil or determinants and forms of participation in Civil war in Syria. The graduates furthermore studied the entire master's program under pandemic conditions, including countless hours of online learning and restrictions. The COVID-19 pandemic also led the IEE to the decision to combine the Cape Town and Bochum groups, so these students were the first ones in IEE history to complete the whole MADM program together in Bochum. Despite pandemic-related changes, we can proudly state that all of the graduates could do some field research (abroad or remotely), and the vast majority could also gain further practical knowledge during their organized internships. We are proud of them, and they can be, too.

It is no wonder that some graduates have already secured assignments in the development sector so shortly after graduation. We wish all of them the best for their future careers and trust that they will find exciting positions. We know that they are well-prepared for their future endeavours, and are looking forward to keeping in contact. Again: Congratulations and welcome to the IEE alumni family!

Selection of the new MADM scholarship holders

At the end of 2021, the IEE received almost 700 applications from 92 countries for the new intake of the MA program in Development Management in Bochum and Cape Town, including their respective DAAD scholarships.

After a strict selection process including personal online interviews, the IEE nominated 10 new and promising scholarship holders. Eight students received the DAAD-EPOS scholarship and two are scholarship holders of the South African-German Centre for Development Research, funded by the DAAD. The selected students come from all around the world namely Afghanistan, Brazil, Egypt, Ghana, Mexico, Myanmar, Nigeria, Peru, the Gambia, and the Philippines.

The new candidates will pursue their master studies in the MADM program for the next 18 months. The Cape Town group has already started the program in May 2022; and in September, the Cape Townian students will meet their fellow students from the Bochum group for the upcoming Summer School in Germany. For the Bochum students, the summer school will be the first part of their studies.

We are optimistic that more students will be granted scholarships by other organizations and look forward to the 2022-2024 cohort.

GrunauLeonie S. Grunau
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