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MADM: New cohort in Cape Town, South Africa

Anne Siebert welcomes a new group of MADM students in Cape Town

The IEE team and its cooperation partners at the Institute for Social Development and the School of Government, both at the University of the Western Cape (UWC), South Africa, are extremely happy that the new batch of students have recently started the so-called Bochum programme of the MA in Development Management (MADM) offered at UWC. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was not possible to run the programme in South Africa in 2020-2021. Therefore, selected students were integrated into the group studying the MADM at the Ruhr University in Bochum.

The new group comprises 10 students from Ethiopia, Germany, Ghana, Nigeria, Pakistan, and South Africa. Whatever their background, the candidates bring with them their own experiences in the field of development practice and perspectives, which they will be able to share both in the classroom and outside. As a diverse group, they will definitely broaden everyone's horizons and create fresh insights. Four of them will pursue the MADM as their 2nd degree in the addition to the MA degree in Public Management or Development Studies at UWC.

MADM Cape Town students

This May, the programme comprises several online onboarding elements, such as an introduction session and a German language class. Students will commence their studies with first academic coursework on campus in the first week of June. Beyond the first semester at UWC, we are looking forward to welcoming them in Germany in September for a joint summer school with the MADM students in Bochum. The schedule also includes an internship period in Germany later this year. Another summer school and further coursework are planned to take place in Cape Town next year. We certainly hope to be able to continue the programme in person throughout the study period.

We wish our new MADM students a successful start in Cape Town and all the best for their studies.

SiebertDr. Anne Siebert
MADM Coordinator

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