IEE Newsletter No. 20

Cooperation with Afghanistan: Returnees from Afghanistan

A group of lecturers has returned to Bochum to study for the MSc in Management and Economics programme, while some MSc graduates have come back for a post-graduate research stay.

On 21 August, the IEE was very happy to welcome back 19 lecturers from past participants of the Bachelor Upgrading Programme, who returned to Bochum to enrol in our MSc in Management and Economics programme. It has been four years for some of them that they left Bochum for the last time. During these years they have been successfully teaching Economics in our partner universities all over Afghanistan.
Their first term is about to end, though they still have two more terms ahead before leaving Bochum for their field research in Afghanistan.
Afghanistan group
The MSc group from Afghanistan in class (photo: private).

Some weeks after their arrival, the MSc group together with the current BSc Upgrading Afghan foodstudents, hosted an Afghan night to exchange their experiences at the RUB and to get to know all the people involved with their respective programmes. The evening was accompanied by culinary highlights from Afghanistan prepared by the students (see picture on the right).

Afghan lecturers arriving for research stay

The arrival of five more lecturers from Afghanistan one month later for a research stay meant that all three levels of our cooperation with our Afghan partners had "gone live". These five lecturers have already obtained their MSc degree from the RUB. Their current research stay will be highly relevant for their upcoming PhD project.
The IEE wants to express its utmost satisfaction and appreciation at the great contribution of all the people and partners involved in the implementation of our programmes with Afghanistan which have guided our lecturers through the BSc and the MSc programmes until this final stage in their academic careers.

MartinezLucía Martínez Ordóñez, Lda
Coordinator & Lecturer, Training and MSc Programmes in Economics with Afghan Universities
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