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Research Activities: Presentation by Britta Niklas at the 9th AAWE Conference in Mendoza, Argentina

At this year's conference, Britta presented on the "Impact of annual weather changes on output, quality and profits of wine producers in Germany".

This year, the venue for the Annual Conference of the American Association of Wine Economists took place in Mendoza, Argentina. IEE research fellow Britta Niklas seized the opportunity to present her recent research at this event.
Conference Mendoza
Conference participants in Mendoza (photo: private)

In her paper the effects of annual weather changes on the output, quality, and profits of German wine producers are analyzed, using a set of data covering the vineyards of the 13 wine regions of Germany and daily weather data, taken respectively from 13 local weather stations covering these regions.
The model used in this paper is an extended version of the Ricardian approach, as it allows for direct analysis of the impact of weather fluctuations on yields, quality, and profits.
The analysis shows - assuming that average temperatures rise by 2 °C due to climate change - that the average yields in Germany will rise by 20.3%, the average Oechsle degree will rise by 6.8 degrees (8,4%) and the average profit will rise by 44.4%.
In case of additional assumptions concerning minimum soil temperature, number of days of frost in the growing period, more precipitation in the winter and less in the growing period, and more hours of sun in the growing period, the impact on average yields is even bigger (+24%), more or less the same for the Oechsle degree (+6,7 degree), and less with regard to the impact on profits (+24%). Additionally, a slight shift to red varietals can be assumed.
You can follow the original presentation held by Britta Niklas here.

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