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External activities of IEE members.

Anne Siebert attended the workshop "Envisioning the Future of Food Across North-South Divides: Transregional Food Networks and Movements" held at the Forum for Transregional Studies (Forum für Transregionale Studien) in Berlin from 1 to 4 December. As part of the workshop, she gave a presentation on "Transforming Urban Food Systems: The Role of Food Sovereignty and Urban Agriculture Initiatives. Perspectives from South Africa".

In the context of his PhD project, Raffael Beier stayed in Casablanca, Morocco, from 6 to 22 December and from 14 January to 11 April.

On the 16th of December, Robin Pass held a webinar on “The Use of Digital Tools and Geoinformation for Development” at the Technology University of Applied Science in Stuttgart, Germany. The webinar was offered in the context of the activities of the AGEP. The German Association of Postgraduate Programmes with special Relevance to Developing Countries (AGEP) is an umbrella organization comprising various postgraduate study programmes oriented to developing and threshold countries as well as countries with economies in transition. For more information, please see

IEE research fellow, Ruth Knoblich, will be at the University of Cape Town, South Africa for a research period from January to December 2017 as an EUSA-ID PhD scholar at the Intellectual Property (IP) Unit of the Faculty of Commercial Law.

In the context of the Master in Development Management (MADM) summer school, MADM coordinator, Tobias Thürer, as well as Marc Hansen and Elkhan Sadik-Zada visited the University of the Western Cape (UWC), Cape Town, South Africa, from 4 to 22 January.

From 4 to 6 January Jasmin Fritzsche attended the “Socio-Legal Studies Association Postgrad Conference“, held at the PhD Academy of the London School of Economics.

Anne Siebert participated in the course „Global Food Politics“, which was held at the International Intstitute of Social Studies, The Hague, Netherlands, on 26 January.

Gabriele Bäcker, Tobias Thürer, and Robin Pass attended a networking meeting of the master programmes of the MADM, the Master in International and Development Economics (MIDE) and MBA in Small Enterprises Promotion + Training (SEPT), which was held in Leipzig from 1 to 2 February. Further information on the networking activities can be found in the article XY.

From 5 to 9 February, Casper Agaton attended the “World Renewable Energy Congress XVI”, organised by the World Renewable Energy Network, held in Perth, Australia. The Congress was run under the theme “Transition towards 100% Renewable Energy”. Casper presented a paper entitled: “To import coal or invest in renewables? A real options approach to energy investments in the Philippines”.

Wilhelm Löwenstein taught the course “Economic Evaluation Methods” within the MADM programme at the UWC, Cape Town, from 13 to 24 February.

From 15 to 16 February, Robin Pass attended the AGEP Winter School themed “The Nexus of Water, Energy, Soil and Food“, which was held at the Gustav-Stresemann Institute in Bonn, Germany.

Julien Lebourg and Anne Siebert taught the course “Qualitative Research Methods” at the UWC in Cape Town as part of the MADM curriculum from 27 February to 10 March.

On 9 March, Robin Pass attended the regional meeting of coordinators within the AGEP, which was held at the University of Stuttgart.

As part of the MADM curriculum, Tobias Thürer and Gabriele Bäcker taught the course “Economic Reforms, Income and Poverty” at the UWC, Cape Town, from 13 to 24 March. Gabriele Bäcker also taught the subsequent course on “Financial Management” from 27 to 31 March.

Tobias Thürer and Nicole Dittrich attended the „3rd Hidden Hunger Congress“, which was organized by the University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart. The Congress was held at the International Congress Center in Stuttgart from 20 to 22 March. At the Congress, Nicole Dittrich presented a poster on “Assessing the Welfare Impact of Biochar as a Soil Amendment in Two African Cities – Bamenda, Cameroon and Bamaka, Mali”.

From 22 March to 14 April, Christina Seeger stayed in Bamenda, Camerun, in the context of the Urban Food Plus research project. In this newsletter article, you can find further information on the activities of the Urban Food Plus project in Bamenda.

On 27 and 28 March Markus Kaltenborn presented the study "The Influence of Policy and Legal Frameworks on the Development of National Social Protection Systems" in the context of the Social Protection Thematic Workshop, held at UNICEF Ghana in Accra. Markus Kaltenborn co-authored the study with Abdulai Abdul-Gafaru(University of Ghana), Keetie Roelen (Centre for Social Protection, Institute of Development Studies, Sussex), and Sarah Hague (UNICEF Ghana). The study will be published at UNICEF-Innocenti in the coming months.

Jasmin Fritzsche attended a conference themed “International Law and the State of Israel: Legitimacy, Expectionalism and Responsibility”. The conference was held at the University College Cork, in Cork, Ireland from 30 March to 2 April.

From 3 to 13 April, Britta Niklas and Martina Shakya taught the MADM course “Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation” at the UWC, Cape Town.

Robin Pass attended a meeting of the Expert Committee on Alumni Work held at the BMW Foundation in Berlin from 6 to 7 April.

In the context of her joint PhD project, Anne Siebert will be based at the International Institute of Social Studies in The Hague, Netherlands, from 4 April to 1 June. During her stay, she is attending the course "Politics of Agrarian Transformation".

Johannes Norpoth joined the 2nd Business and Human Rights Young Researchers Summit, which was jointly organized by the University of St. Gallen and the NYU Stern Center on Business and Human Rights, held in St. Gallen from 6 to 7 April. At the summit, he presented a paper on “Labour Governance as Transnational Legal Ordering: A Socio-Legal Analysis of the Reception of Post-Rana Plaza Instruments in Bangladesh”.

From 6 to 7 April, Robin Pass attended a meeting of DAAD scholarship holders at the Gustav Stresemann Institute in Bonn.

From 18 to 23 April, Nicole Dittrich taught the course “Public Sector Reforms” as part of the MADM programme at the UWC, Cape Town.

In the context of her PhD research, Jasmin Fritzsche will be staying as a Visiting Study Fellow at the Refugee Studies Centre, Oxford Department of International Development at the University of Oxford for Trinity Term from 23 April to 17 June.

Christina Seeger and Tobias Thürer attended the 2017 GlobalFood Symposium, which was held in Göttingen, Germany from 28 to 29 April.

On 28 April, Gabriele Bäcker and Robin Pass attended a meeting of the AGEP held at the Georg August-University in Göttingen.

On the 4th of May Dr. Elkhan Richard Sadik-Zada participated at the Political Economics Mini-Conference at the Institute of New Economic Thinking at the Economics Faculty of Cambridge University.

From 8 to 12 May, Johannes Norpoth and Annika Engelbert taught the course “Law and Development” as part of the MADM programme at the UWC, Cape Town.

Raffael Beier taught the course “Urbanisation and Development” as part of the MADM programme at the UWC, Cape Town, from 15 to 19 May.

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