IEE Newsletter No. 25

News: IEE Participates in University Football Tournament

Since last summer, a group of research fellows, PhD students, student assistants, and occasionally MADM students, have been meeting weekly to play football. When the Welcome Center of the Ruhr-University Bochum called for teams at the university to participate in an International Football Tournament, the new football mads spent no time thinking and enlisted for the tournament as the IEE team

The team successfully concluded the preliminary. However, after a tight match against the Faculty of Mathematics, the team was defeated in the semi-finals. Beyond doubt, the defeat did not diminish everybody’s fun in the game, and hence, the football team of the IEE will continue its weekly training.

2017 05 football team

These are the players of IEE's Football Team: Nicole Dittrich (head coach), Raffael Beier (team captain), Thanh Long Quan (goalkeeper), Assem Abi Ali, Callistus Agbaam, Mohamed Al Asadi, Salam Alhaj Hasan, Andrew Boogaards, Torben Dedring, Mohamed El-Shewy, Jasmin Fritzsche, Volker Häring, Amr Khafagy, Assem Ali Lali, Julien Lebourg, Kathinka Melles, Johannes Norpoth, Robin Pass, Bianca Pütz, Simon Rohde, Henrike Roth.

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