IEE Newsletter No. 25


Dear Reader,

On November 8th, the IEE celebrated its 50th anniversary with a festive ceremony with over 150 guests. We enjoyed exchanging memories with our guests, looking back on milestones of previous activities, as well as sharing news and experiences from our current activities. In our previous newsletter, we have already reported on the anniversary ceremony and shared a number of pictures taken during the event. Sadly, some of our alumni, who live in other countries, were unable to attend. On their request, we have selected additional pictures of the celebration. You find the slideshow with pictures on under the following link:

We hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we do. Staying in touch with our partners and alumni and exchanging about previous, current, and upcoming activities of the Institute is not limited to anniversary festivities. Through our newsletter and other channels, we seek to continue the exchange also the future.


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Wilhelm Löwenstein

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