IEE Newsletter No. 26

Urban Food Plus: Research Results Presented

Researchers from the IEE participated in international conference on food security.

IEE fellows, Dr. Tobias Thürer and Christina Seeger (PhD candidate), as well as Carla Swertz (former Masters student of the Faculty of Management and Economics) attended the 3rd International Conference on Global Food Security in Cape Town, South Africa, which took place from 3 - 6 December, 2017. Christina Seeger and Carla Swertz presented research results generated in the Urban Food Plus project to a large international scientific audience. Christina Seeger gave an oral presentation on “Trust, certification organizations, and consumers‘ willingness to pay for certified safe vegetables in Ghana” and Carla Swertz presented on “Incidence and cost of illness among urban farm households in Tamale, Ghana”. Additionally, Christina Seeger presented a poster, jointly prepared with Elkhan Richard Sadik-Zada and Wilhelm Löwenstein, with the title "EU Action on Nutrition and its Discontents".

Beyond the context of the Urban Food Plus project, IEE research fellow and PhD candidate, Anne Siebert, presented a poster on “Engaging with food sovereignty to fight exclusion in the food system? Reflections of an urban agriculture initiative in South Africa”.

Christina Seeger, M.Sc.
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