IEE Newsletter No. 27

News: AGEP – Network Coordination is moving to the University of Heidelberg

After more than 4 years, Robin Pass is handing over the coordination of the AGEP Network to Jamila Nabieva.

The idea of networking, sharing information and making use of the synergies that lie in its academic diversity is the central theme of the AGEP, a network of 48 postgraduate programmes with specific relevance to developing countries (

For the purpose of a systematical build-up and the coordination of intensified networking activities between the AGEP courses, the master programmes “Development Management” at the Ruhr-University Bochum and “SPRING” at the Faculty for Spatial Planning at the Technical University of Dortmund had, supported by the DAAD, recruited Robin Pass as Network Coordinator.

After having held this position for 4 ½ years after its initial creation, the network coordination is now moving to the University of Heidelberg and Robin Pass is handing it over to his successor, Jamila Nabieva.

Looking back, this first period is seen as a huge success by the study programmes and the DAAD, who continue to support the endeavors. By systematically building up linkages and creating new teaching formats, study offers have been advanced and used more efficiently, increasing the prominence of the AGEP amongst the relevant national and international institutions in the field of development cooperation. Ultimately, the goal is to make it even more attractive to start studying in one of the AGEP programmes located all over Germany.

PassIn the words of Robin Pass (photo on the left): “There is an enormous potential in this network and we are only beginning to grasp the full potential of its synergies and cooperative efforts. I am looking back to an exciting period, where a lot of initiatives and formats have been developed and brought forward – and I am very thankful to having had so many wonderful colleagues all over Germany! I am sure that Jamila Nabieva is going to continue to push things forward and that the AGEP can always count on my support!”

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