IEE Newsletter No. 27

Urban Food Plus: Academic Workshop and Stakeholder Dialogue held in Tamale, Ghana

IEE research fellow Christina Seeger reports on the recent trip to Ghana.

In the context of the research project, Urban Food Plus (UFP), a technical and multi-stakeholder workshop was held from 7th to 9th March 2018 at the University for Development Studies (UDS) in Tamale, Ghana. The aim of the first workshop day was to present research findings generated in the UFP project to scientists from the local partner university UDS. The second workshop day was dedicated to stakeholders, such as the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, city authorities, the Farmers’ Union, and local NGOs. In the morning, a stakeholder dialogue took place where the way forward to a Strategic City Agenda for Urban Agriculture Development in Tamale was discussed. In the afternoon, UFP scientists presented their research results and discussed them with the stakeholders mentioned above.

Group pic w Major of TamaleGroup picture with the Mayor of Tamale (photo: Danquah)

Research Results Presented by IEE Fellows

Biochar ProductionFrom the UFP’s sub-project on economics, which is located at the IEE, PhD IDS candidate Lesley Hope and IEE research fellow Christina Seeger attended the workshop. Lesley Hope presented research results on “Biochar amendments to agricultural soils and changes in food supply in Tamale and Ouagadougou”, while Christina Seeger shared results on “Consumers’ willingness to pay for safe and certified vegetables in Tamale”. The third and last workshop day took place at UFP’s central experimental field in Tamale, where local farmers were shown the functioning of a low-cost wastewater filtration system that was developed in the UFP project to produce safer irrigation water, as well as the production of biochar (see picture on the left (photo: Seeger)).

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