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Anne Siebert reports on the last graduation of the MADM and on the new MADM intake 2020

New Members for the MADM Alumni Family
Finally, it is done! We are happy to welcome new graduates to the alumni network of the IEE. In November 2019 and in February 2020, we celebrated the graduation of the MA students of Development Management (MADM) in Cape Town and Bochum respectively. After successful defences of their master theses, 12 candidates from the Cape Town group and 13 candidates from the Bochum group received their graduation certificates. The graduation ceremonies were very joyful occasions including many smiling faces and even some tears, heart-warming speeches of the student representatives, and inspiring music. Certainly, for most of the students, it was also a moment of relief after an extensive period of master theses writing. Their thesis projects comprised the analysis of rich data, which they had collected during a field research stay in their home countries or abroad. They engaged with interesting and innovative topics like rights to nature in Colombia, certification of cocoa farmers in Ghana, food assistance for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, and survival strategies of street traders in Zimbabwe (just to name some of them).

Alumni with WinnieMADM graduates (Cape Town group) with Winnie Chepng’etich Sambu (MADM Alumni 2012 and one of the founders of the Alumni Association) (Photo: Anne Siebert)

Our graduates now pursue new goals. Some of them chose the opportunity to strive for a second MA degree, as it is offered by the IEE's partner institutions from the University in the Western Cape (South Africa). Yet, most of the graduates are headed directly for a trajectory in practical work. We are happy that some of them have already secured assignments in the development sector so shortly after graduation. We wish our graduates all the best for their future careers and trust that all of them will find exciting positions! They are well prepared for their future endeavours. We are looking forward to hearing from our alumni soon. Again: Welcome to the IEE alumni family!

Many applications for the new MADM intake (2020-2022) and new students start in summer
At the end of last year, the IEE received more than 800 applications for both the new intake of the MA programme in Development Management in Bochum and Cape Town, including the respective DAAD scholarships. Quite impressively, we received applications from 95 countries! Certainly, the IEE team was relieved that a new online application platform helped in managing the huge number of documents and information.

After an extensive selection process, we choose 21 candidates for the Bochum group and 10 candidates for the Cape Town group. Our new students come from 21 different countries. It is noteworthy that 12 of them are already equipped with scholarships. Nine students receive the DAAD-EPOS scholarship and three are scholarship holders of the South African-German Centre for Development Research. We are optimistic that further students will be granted scholarships by other organizations.

The new candidates will pursue their studies in the MADM programme for the next 1.5 years. The Cape Town group will start in the summer; and in September, the Cape Townian students will meet their fellow students from the Bochum group for the upcoming Summer School in Germany. For the Bochum students, the summer school will be the first part of their studies.

The IEE is looking forward to the new cohort!

SiebertAnne Siebert, PhD
Coordinator MADM
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Phone: +49 (0)234 / 32-22458
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