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The first international workshop of the IEE-Research Cluster 2 under the topic "Urban Governance in a Global Perspective - Contributions to the Habitat III Debate" took place at the IEE in Bochum on the 12th of November 2015. More than 30 participants from different disciplinary but also cultural backgrounds such as Sub-Sahara Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, Europe, East and South Asia attended the workshop. Most of the participants were affiliated with TU Dortmund, University of Cologne as well as Ruhr-University Bochum. The workshop was mainly organized by Britta Holzberg, Raffael Beier and Mariana Vilmondes.

2015-11 Cluster2Workshop

After a short welcome address of Cluster 2 representative and co-organizer Britta Holzberg as well as an introduction to Habitat III by Raffael Beier, co-representative of Cluster 2, the workshop started with a keynote presentation of guest speaker Dr. Jeff Garmany from King’s College London. In his analysis of social housing, urban governance and (in)formal development in Brazil he also highlighted the impact of the World Cup 2014 and the approaching Olympic Games in Rio 2016 on urban development. In the second part, Mariana Vilmondes (IEE, Bochum), Raffael Beier (IEE, Bochum) and Himanshu Shekhar (University Duisburg-Essen) presented further examples of national urbanization and housing strategies and its various challenges in Brazil, South Africa, Morocco, and India. The contributions during the whole workshop and especially during the final vivid discussion with the audience disclosed sometimes astonishing similarities between the challenges and impacts of urban planning and urbanization in all presented case studies.