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IEE Member at International Uplands Symposium, Hanoi

2010-07 Shakya IEE staff member Dr. Martina Shakya participated in the international symposium "Sustainable Land Use and Rural Development in Mountainous Regions of Southeast Asia". The conference, which was organized by the Uplands Program (SFB 564) of Hohenheim University and Hanoi University of Agriculture, took place in Hanoi from 21-23 July 2010. At the symposium, Dr. Shakya presented a paper on "The impact of non-farm economic activities on risk and vulnerability in remote mountain regions: The case of tourism".

While staying in Vietnam, she met Tran Ngoc Diep, a 2006 graduate of the MADM programme in Bochum who is now Deputy Director of the Export Development Department of the Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency (Ministry of Industry and Trade) in Hanoi.