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Workshop "Development Policy in Practice" at the IEE

From July 3 - 5, the workshop "Development Policy in Practice" took place at the IEE in the context of the Summer Academy of the "Graf-Engelbert School", Bochum, and as a part of the "Schuelerlabor" of the Ruhr-University Bochum.

Students of the 10th class got an insight into different important topics of development cooperation and were able to discuss current issues relevant for the practice. After a general introduction by Britta Niklas (Germany), regarding the basics of development cooperation and its practice by German and international institutions, Carlos Villela (Honduras) dealt with the issue "migration", using the example of migration of "Middle Americans" to the USA. Jasmin Gerau (Germany) moderated a simulation of negotiations between Israel/Palestine/Jordan and the EU about the water situation in this region. Martina Lembani (Malawi) introduced the role of NGOs in development cooperation, whereas Shafaq Hussain (Pakistan) discussed cultural differences in developing countries, focusing on the role of women. Movies and a multicultural lunch completed the 3-days programme.
2012-07 SchuelerWorkshop
Students of the Graf-Engelbert School, their teacher M. Diekenbrock and members of the IEE