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Expert Lecture by Former MADM & PhD Student

On 20th June, the IEE was proud to offer an expert lecture by the MADM alumni and former PhD student Dr. Augustine Magolowondo on the topic "The Future of Democracy Aid as an Agenda for Development Cooperation Reconsidered". The lecture took place in the course of the Master of Arts in Development Management classes, but was also open for everyone else interested in the topic.

2013-06 Magolowondo

Dr. Augustine Magolowondo holds a PhD in Political Science and a Master’s degree in Development Management, both from the Ruhr University, and is now the Africa Regional Programme Coordinator at the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD), Lilongwe, Malawi. At present he is in Germany on behalf of the DAAD and the BMZ as an invited speaker at the conference "'Change Agents' – Gesichter des Wandels: Hochschulbildung als Motor nachhaltiger Entwicklung" at the Ruprecht Karls University Heidelberg on 18th June 2013. Dr. Magolowondo is a member of the DAAD-facilitated African Good Governance Network (AGGN) and of the Bertelsmann Foundation inspired Transformation Thinkers Network.