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Two IEE Members Participated in "ExtraSchicht"

What is Recycling, Freecycling and how to reduce waste to conserve environment? How can we preserve and share food? These themes were presented in one of the sub projects of "International Garden and Nature" on the Night of Industrial Culture (i.e. ExtraSchicht) at the Botanical Garden of the RUB by two IEE members.

2013-07 AsnaAshari2013-07 Hussain "Natural Materials and Sustainable Development" - thus the title of their sub-project - involves everything to do with the usage and recycling of various materials to create practical everyday objects or decorative ornaments. They presented objects and art made from natural and recyclable materials, and visitors were invited to join in and try it out for themselves. Moreover, information related to the different organizations or groups of people working for conservation of environment such as '' or '' was shared with the audience.

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