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50 Years IEE: Impressions from our Anniversary Event

Read about the event and enjoy some pictures taken at the festive occasion.

On 8 November the IEE celebrated its 50th anniversary together with more than 150 guests. Current partners and numerous Alumni joined us for the event.
The reunion with members of the founding management generation, former research fellows from nearly every decade of IEE's history, previous administrative staff as well as graduates from the more recent Doctoral and Master programmes started with an official programme which included an overview of IEE's history and a keynote speech on a current topic of interest.
In their welcoming speeches, Vice-Rector Prof. Andreas Ostendorf as well as Kanzlerin Dr. Christina Reinhardt highlighted that the IEE is one of the oldest interdisciplinary structured institutes of RUB and therefore had a kind of pioneer role within the university in diverse respects – be it as a research institute or with regard to internationalization.
Hartmann klein
Prof. Christof Hartman from the Institute of Political Science at the University Duisburg-Essen (see picture on the left; photo: IEE) contributed the keynote speech on "Perspectives of Democracy in the Global South". As a former senior research fellow and Junior-Professor at the IEE between 1999 and 2007 he is still a partner of the institute, among others within the UA Ruhr Graduate Centre for Development Studies, a joint project of the IEE and our partners from the neighbouring university.

Prof. Wilhelm Löwenstein as current Managing Director recapped milestones in IEE's history and current activities in more detail in his presentation "50 years in 50 Minutes" (see picture below on the left; photo: IEE). Together with Prof. Uwe Andersen and Prof. Werner Voss he recalled challenges and achievements during IEE's history in the following IEE-talk (see picture below on the right).
IEE 50 TalkLoewenstein IEE 50

Current and former IEE members and partners used the opportunity to share old and new stories around IEE during the reception which followed the official part of the programme.
The photos below show current and former IEE members and partners during the event. More will be made available on our website beginning 2017, especially on the request of some of those Alumni who have not been able to participate.
IEE 50 MADM kleinStudents from the current MADM intake (photo: IEE)

IEE 50 Impressions1
Prof. Dr. Michael Bohnet (long-time member and chairperson of IEE's former board) and Prof. Dr. Peter Meyer-Dohm (IEE director in the 1960s and 70s) (photo: IEE)

IEE 50 Impressions2IEE 50 Impressions3
On the left further impressions and on the right Dr. Thomas Koch (IEE cooperation partner and guest lecturer, DEGInvest), Tobias Thürer (current MADM coordinator), and Elleke Maliepaard (MA DM alumna, Intake 2008-2010) (photos: IEE)

IEE 50 Impressions4
Sigrid Klingner (IEE administration until mid of the 1990s) and Karlheinz Klingner (researcher at IEE in the 1970s), Prof. Dr. Christian Uhlig (IEE's research coordinator until end of the 1980s), Prof. Dr. Peter Meyer Dohm, Marius Brinkmann

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