IEE Newsletter No. 34

Newsletter 34

This year’s winter edition of the IEE newsletter takes a look back at exciting six months at the IEE. We are happy to report on the start of our new EU-funded European Joint Doctorate programme ADAPTED and about the first experiences of our four new PhD students.

Further, this edition comprises a variety of reports on our different programmes including the MADM, the PhD IDS and the South African-German Centre for Development Research. Additionally, two of our MADM students tell about their field research experiences during the ongoing Corona crises, Setonji Ogunbiyi reflects on his nomination for the “Tor des Monats” and Timeela Manandhar reports on the working meeting of the German Partnership for Sustainable Textiles. We are especially pleased to welcome six new faces at the IEE.

Many thanks for your continued interest in our activities! Enjoy the read! We wish all our readers Happy Holidays!


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Dr. Gabriele Bäcker and Simon Rahn report on the start of the project at ADAPTED partner universities

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ADAPTED Students' Start at the IEE

Akua, Irene, Muhammad, and Natalia – the ESRs of the ADAPTED network – reflect on the journey of starting their positions at the IEE.

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PhD IDS: Welcome to the 15th Cohort

The IEE welcomes the 15th cohort of the PhD programme in International Development Studies (PhD IDS). This interdisciplinary structured PhD programme offered at the IEE was first launched in 2007.

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MADM: Second Corona-Affected Semester

After completion of the first online semester and the internship period, our students started their second semester in May ...

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MADM: Empirical Research in Times of COVID-19

MADM student Ssekandi Ronald Ssegujja speaks about his field research in Uganda during the pandemic.

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MADM: Online Field Research in Zambia

MADM student Janar Chynbaeva tells us about her online field research in Zambia.

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MADM: Tor des Monats!

Setonji Ogunbiyi about his experience with "Tor des Monats" September 2021

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MADM: First Digital Alumni Conference

Anne Siebert reports on the first digital Alumni Conference: "Implementing the SDGs – Practical Challenges, Creative Solutions, and Best Practices for Knowledge Transfer and Policy Learning"

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SA-GER CDR: Research Fair of the DAAD Centres of African Excellence

Report about an online Research Fair called 'Past and Future Research for Inclusive and Sustainable Development‘

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SA-GER CDR: New Graduates & Scholarhip Holders

Britta Niklas congratulates two new graduates and welcomes two new scholarship holders to the South African - German Centre for Development Research

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German Partnership for Sustainable Textiles

Timeela Manandhar's report on a Working Meeting of the German Partnership for Sustainable Textiles - overshadowed by intense debates between civil society and businesses

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RUB News Articles by IEE Members

Recently, there were some articles by IEE members published in the News section of the RUB homepage (the following links lead to these articles):

New Faces at the IEE

Please meet the new Research Fellows who recently joined our team!

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IEE on Tour

Events attended by IEE members in recent months.

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IEE Publications

Read about new publications from our IEE members

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