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PhD IDS: Welcome to the 11th Intake

The new intake of PhD IDS students starts on the 10th anniversary of the programme.

With an opening reception on 23rd November, the IEE welcomed the latest intake of the PhD programme in International Development Studies (PhD IDS). This interdisciplinary, structured PhD programme offered at the IEE was first launched in 2007, and we are thus celebrating the 10th anniversary of the PhD IDS!

The new PhD candidates and their projects

This year, four full members were newly admitted to the PhD IDS programme:

Ulemj Dovchin from Mongolia holds a Master of Laws in Mineral Law and Policy from the University of Dundee, United Kingdom and a Master of International Relations with a Master of International Trade and Commerce Law from Macquarie University, Australia. Her research will focus on international economic law and mineral law and policy. The project will be supervised by Prof. Markus Kaltenborn.

Katharina Girndt from Germany completed her Master studies in Intercultural Communication and Education at the University of Cologne. For her PhD, she will work on the topic “Dealing with the Impact of Social Control-Strategies and Coping Mechanisms of LGBT+ People living in South Africa”. Her project will be supervised by PD Dr. Stefan Karduck from the University of Cologne.

Om Ki from Myanmar completed the MA in Development Management at our institute in 2014 and is now back for his PhD studies. He will be supervised by Prof. Löwenstein while working on the project “Microfinance and Economic Welfare: Economic Evaluation of Microfinance Loans in Myanmar”.

Will Wright from the USA holds a Master in International Humanitarian Action from the RUB and will work on “The effectiveness of Political Humanitarian Law Protection mechanism in Different Types of Non-International Armed Conflict”. His project will be supervised by Prof. Heintze from the Institute for International Law of Peace and Armed Conflict.

We wish all new PhD candidates much success for their doctoral studies and research projects!

Current state of the programme

Including the 2017 intake, the PhD IDS currently hosts 38 full members.

In the past 12 months, two PhD IDS candidates completed their doctorates at the IEE, ... and Éva Mihalik from Hungary.

Since the inception of the programme in 2007, the PhD IDS degree has since been awarded to 20 members.

The coming year

Early in 2018, further graduations from the PhD IDS programme are expected to follow for candidates who have already submitted, or are in the process of submitting, their doctoral dissertations.

With them leaving the IEE, at least two new PhD IDS members who were accepted in 2017 will join us. We are looking forward to welcoming Zena Mouawad from Brazil and Bablu Chakma from Bangladesh.

As with every year, young researchers who are interested in becoming members of the PhD IDS programme have the opportunity to apply for the 2018 intake by 30th April 2018.

An important PhD IDS event in 2018 will be the PhD conference in International Development. The conference will take place in Bochum and is organized in cooperation with our partners in the University Alliance Ruhr (UAR) Graduate Centre for Development Studies, at the University of East Anglia (School of International Development) and Erasmus University Rotterdam’s International Institute for Social Studies (ISS). For next year’s conference, a team of PhD IDS candidates have volunteered to take over the role of the organizing team. The call for the conference will be published early in 2018.


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