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Visiting Scholar from Cornell University at IEE

2017 10 FeldmannFrom this week until 15th December, Professor Shelley Feldman from Cornell University will be joining the IEE as a Visiting Scholar.  In her research as a sociologist, she has been working on a number of topics that have also been addressed by other IEE members, often coming from other disciplines. Her work on garment workers and the garment industry in Bangladesh as well as her research on land grabbing and displacement match research projects and interests of some IEE members.

Professor Feldman will hold presentations during the cluster sessions on "Garment Workers in Bangladesh and the Regulation of Garment Industry and Labour Markets" (8th November 2017, 10am-1pm, Room 2.25) and on "Land-Grabbing and Displacement" (13th December 2017, 10am-12noon, Room 2.25). We hope for inspiring exchanges with Prof. Feldman and warmly welcome her at the IEE.