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Andrew Boogaards

PhD Student


Short Profile

As an alumnus of the Master of Business Administration in Community Economic Development programme at Cape Breton University, Andrew developed a keen focus on socio-economic issues at a community level. This MBA program is rooted in the revitalization of a depressed region of Nova Scotia, Canada, which saw an economic downturn after the closure of a coal mine and steel plant. Going through this programme inspired Andrew to examine the social and economic relationships that exist between the resource extraction industry and rural communities. Particularly, Andrew’s interest relates to how community leaders, organizations, and individual households diversify rural economies to provide stability despite the unpredictable nature of the resource extraction sector.

Research Focus

  • Community Economic Development
  • Rural Development
  • Resource Extraction
  • Livelihood Framework
  • Livelihood Adaption
  • Artisanal Mining
  • Small and Medium Scale Mining



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